Survivor Oz Top 10 – Top 10 Motherly Figures

30 Jul


It’s Top 10 time again and our new favourite Ozlet Jarrod, Jarrod Loobek summarises some of the best motherly characters we have seen in Survivor. Whether they showed a caring and nurturing side, or showed a softer side and gained the respect of their fellow tribe mates, these 10 motherly figures often were the glue that held their respective tribes together. No doubt these were some of the more memorable ‘older lady’ castaways who also filled the shoes of a surrogate mother while on the island. Agree or disagree with the top 10? Let us know at the end of the post with a comment! Continue reading

Get Involved: Jolanda Jones

29 Jul


Another interview happening tomorrow as we chat to the amazing Jolanda Jones from the 10th season of Palau!

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The Amazing Race Oz – Amazing Race Australia vs New Zealand Cast Preview + Preview Episode!

28 Jul


A very special treat for you today as we bring you our first ever ‘spin off’ episode of Survivor Oz by presenting to you the first ever episode of The Amazing Race Oz! With the upcoming season of The Amazing Race Australia about to debut on our screens, join Ben & the Ozlets to give their thoughts on the cast and look ahead to the season in general which puts 5 couples from Australia up against 5 couples from New Zealand in an epic race around the world! We also hear the thoughts on the cast from Aussie Ozlet Lynda and Kiwi Ozlet Nick and how they think they will go! Click to read and hear more!

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Decoding Cagayan: Analysing The Cast Before & After

28 Jul


Monday is the first day of the week (for most) and that of course means it’s time for another Survivor Oz feature! Today we see Ozlet Ivan Ornelas bring out his magnifying glass and give us his analysis of the cast of the most recent season of Cagayan both before the season began as well as after it has finished! It certainly is an interesting look at the thoughts of some and how pre-game perceptions didn’t always necessarily meet the expectations of the fans! You’re keen to find out what is said right? Well enough reading, click below to find out more!

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We’re Officially NUMBER ONE!

26 Jul


It was one momentous day for us yesterday at Survivor Oz as for the very first time we achieved number one status on iTunes! But that wasn’t the only massive achievement yesterday for us.

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Vote For Us In The Czech & Slovak Reality Awards!

24 Jul


A couple of months ago we mentioned we were up for our very first award and now is the time to vote for us as we go up against some very big names in the ‘best foreign project award’ at the annual Czech & Slovak Reality Awards!

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Introducing Our New iTunes Feed!

23 Jul


After several issues with our iTunes feed we are very happy to announce that everything has been fixed and we are back up to updating all the latest episodes directly to your audio device! However there is one slight catch, and for you to be able to enjoy all our episodes directly to you by subscribing, you will need to follow the instructions listed below to ensure you never miss a minute of your favourite Survivor show!

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