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Survivor Cagayan-Episode 3 Recap Featuring Francesca Hogi!

7 Mar


Survivor: Cagayan continues this week with the third episode of the season! After an entertaining  episode it’s time to recap it! Joining us, we have our resident recap expert, Jarryd, plus Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to a real expert in our good friend Francesca Hogi from Survivor: Redemption Island and Caramoan!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)

Candice Cody Interview

4 Mar


A lot has been said about Candice on this show, particularly from a certain host. But no matter what is said about Candice Cody, there is no denying her longevity and perseverance throughout her three seasons of Cook Islands, Heroes vs Villains & Blood vs Water. Never able to make it as far as she would’ve liked, she has gained a strong cult following over the years and on her third time on Blood vs Water she showed a new level of fight and aggression that many had been calling out for some time. And in what is our second longest interview ever, Candice stands up to each of her games, questions Ben about his comments on her and might even find herself a new fan.

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John Cody Interview

4 Mar


When you play a game such as Survivor you know you are going to be forced to make difficult decisions. For John Cody on the 27th season of Blood vs Water, he was forced to make such a decision within the first moments of the game as he saw his beloved wife Candice voted out from the opposing tribe. Given the opportunity to sacrifice his game for her, he decided to stay in the game and attempt to work his magic. Forming an early alliance with Brad and the men on Tadhana, it seemed to be working well, but a blindside and a long stretch on RI couldn’t help him advance as far as he would like. His edit early was strong, but there still was heaps more to John than we got to see on our screens. And a lot more to be said as well, as John lets us know in an entertaining chat.

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Survivor Cagayan-Episode 1 & 2 Recap Featuring Diane Ogden!

27 Feb


The new season of Survivor: Cagayan is here! After an eye-opening two hour premiere episode it’s time to recap it! Joining us, we have our resident recap expert, Jarryd, plus Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to a real expert in our good friend Diane Ogden from Survivor: Africa!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)

Aras Baskauskas Blood vs Water Interview

26 Feb


Aras Baskauskas was one of the very first winners to appear on Survivor Oz back in 2012 when he first spoke about his time on the 12th season of Panama. Compared to our interviews today, it was a very short interview that didn’t cover too much of what actually happened, but since returning to play the game a second time Aras is back to give a longer and far more in depth interview for his die hard supporter base. From talking about struggling to forgive Gervase after the season was over right through to competing in Eurovision, Aras brings his likeable personality tenfold through your speakers in one entertaining chat!

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Shamar Thomas Interview

26 Feb


For any contestant who is medically evacuated from Survivor, there is usually a long and detailed back story explaining what happened to them and why they were forced to leave. In the case of Shamar Thomas on the 26th season of Caramoan however, there was the loosest of stories which would tell what happened in a completely different way to what actually happened. For the first ever time, Shamar tells the truth behind his medical evacuation and gives some great behind the scenes details of how things can change between the filming and the edit. Shamar also has a lot to say about his game as well, and just why he isn’t happy that Cochran won the season.

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Marissa Peterson Interview

21 Feb


When your uncle has a habit of getting other people voted out due to his mouth, you know you go into a game such as Survivor with some danger hanging around you. For Marissa Peterson, her time on Blood vs Water was affected by exactly that, and the danger was something she couldn’t avoid. Not afraid to express her opinion, Marissa’s short stay on the show still brought her a wide variety of fans, and also gave us one memorable one liner that is sure to be used over and over again into the future. She did manage to make some very close friends out of the game and even managed to get Jeff Probst to hold her hair as she vomited. But why didn’t she get to speak at the reunion? And can Gervase REALLY swim? One great interview is awaiting you behind the link…

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Denise Stapley Interview

21 Feb


There is no denying that the last female winner of Survivor (at time of publishing this interview) is one popular lady. As recently pointed out in our greatest one time player poll, Denise has a large fan base and it’s easy to see why. Her win on the 25th season of the Philippines was one for the ages; literally going to every single tribal council from a tribe that looked like it couldn’t win a one number lottery right through to one of the most dominant and memorable final tribal council performances in the history of Survivor. And after being held back from higher powers from appearing on this show, now is the time to sit back and enjoy the legend that is Denise Stapley and her long overdue Survivor Oz interview!

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Laura Boneham Interview

18 Feb


There is no denying that besides Hayden and Brad, Laura Boneham was the most ‘well known’ loved one on Blood vs Water. Having already made memorable appearances on Survivor in the past on every one of Rupert’s previous seasons, Laura had lived the life of Survivor for some time and had a lot of pressure riding on her shoulders. Despite a fairly invisible edit, Laura come out swinging and surprised many with her strong challenge ability and likeable attitude. Despite the obvious setback of being voted out by her tribe early, she managed to endear herself to the returning players and give it a good crack. She also reveals a lot of behind the scenes stuff they never showed with her edit, and talks up her desire to want to return.

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Rupert Boneham Blood vs Water Interview

17 Feb


We first spoke to Rupert back in 2012 for one of our most entertaining interviews we have ever done, and despite being in the middle of a tense election campaign for Governor, Rupert teased us that we still might be keen to come back for a 4th crack at the show he loves so much. And have a crack he did, returning for the 27th season of Blood vs Water in an attempt to join Boston Rob as the only four time player to play the game as well as winning on his fourth go. However romantic that situation sounded, it wasn’t to be, as Rupert put his heart before his head in attempt to save his wife in one of the biggest sacrifices ever seen in the history of the show. It was a move that he believes cost him a win, and there is no doubt in his mind at all that the million dollars would’ve been his had he stuck around. Is there a 5th time on the cards for Rupert? Never say never.

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