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Matt Von Ertfelda Interview

11 Jul


The 6th season of the Amazon is often remembered for the strong strategic gameplay of Rob Cesternino and doesn’t often give a lot of the other male contestants a decent legacy. However the runner-up of that season Matt Von Ertfelda certainly is a contestant who perhaps deserves more credit and love from that season. Through an interesting journey of discovery and some would say ‘crazy’ moments, Matt never seems to get the credit he deserves for making it all the way to the end and for his time on the show. Today we bring you a chat that just might change your opinion of him, and in our second ever written interview for this site, Matt goes over everything from his amazing life as an adventurer right through to why it was Rob following him and not the other way around.

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World Cup Special Episode with Ethan Zohn, Coach Wade & Abi-Maria Gomes!

8 Jul


A very special episode coming your way today as we bring you a World Cup special episode featuring three soccer crazy Survivor contestants in Benjamin ‘Coach’ Wade from Tocantins, Heroes vs Villains & South Pacific, Abi-Maria Gomes from Philippines and for the very first time on Survivor Oz the winner of Africa and All-Stars contestant Ethan Zohn!

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Reynold Toepfer Interview

4 Jul


There was just something about Reynold Toepfer’s game that always saw him at the bottom on Caramoan. As soon as things looked likely to turn in his favour, something was pulled out from under him and he was always on the back foot. However he managed to survive deep, form a memorable alliance and be part of some of the big moments on the 26th season. But how did Australia play a part in him getting on the show? And just why is he not a fan of Sherri?

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David Samson Interview

4 Jul


David Samson went into the 28th season of Cagayan with a lot to play for. As the President of the MLB team the Miami Marlins he had a reputation as a leader and a business man but he decide to play with an ‘under the radar’ strategy that ultimately wouldn’t work. With the Brains tribe not doing well, David might not have lasted as long as he wanted but still came out of the game with a memorable experience that he wouldn’t trade for the world. But just what did his teams players think? And why did he think his tribe was so stupid?

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Jim Rice Interview

1 Jul


Jim Rice went into South Pacific with a plan but that plan was thrown out the window within the first few moments, as often is the case in Survivor. As someone who was quick to have an opinion and had some strong strategic thoughts, it was never to be for Jim as his game was derailed by a certain contestant with glasses who ultimately would turn out to be a winner of a future season. For Jim it’s all in the past, but there is still plenty to say about Mr.Cochran as well as just which contestants tried to buy weed off him and why he still dislikes one of his cast members to this day.

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Garrett Adelstein Interview

1 Jul


Garrett Adelstein definitely went into the 28th season of Cagayan with a lot to live up to. He had openly admitted to watching hundreds upon hundreds of hours of the show in preparation and felt that this was all he needed going into the game to help him get far. But of course Survivor is never that simple, and as Garrett soon found out it doesn’t matter how much you watch before hand it’s how you play the game when you’re out there. Despite not getting as much screen time as some other second boots in the history of the show, Garrett has a lot to say about his time on Survivor in an entertaining and insightful interview that will make you wish you had seen more of him!

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Survivor Oz 2014 Mid Year Chart–Top 50 Most Downloaded Interviews

23 Jun


Every six months, we bring you a chart showing you the 50 most downloaded interviews in the history of Survivor Oz! Exactly six months on from our 2013 end of year chart, it’s that time again to bring you which 50 interviews you have listened to the most in the history of your favourite Survivor show!

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