Fixing The Final Tribal Council

6 Jul


Not since Survivor Nicaragua 10 seasons ago have we had a particularly close final tribal council, which begs the question "is it broken?". In recent seasons jury questioning has simply become a formality, with the editors carrying the burden of trying to make straightforward wins look somewhat unpredictable and interesting. Any facade of open-mindedness has been dropped, with most jurors simply using their allotted time to campaign for a finalist or lap up their last couple of minutes in the spotlight.  In today’s feature article Nick Chester puts forwards his suggestions for fixing final tribal council to return it to its former glory. Read on to find out some solutions to the current dilemma.

Get Involved: Carolyn Rivera & Dan Foley

5 Jul


Our first Worlds Apart interviews are coming your way this week as we speak to the amazing Carolyn Rivera and Dan Foley!

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The Amazing Race Oz-Canada Season 3 Cast Preview Episode

3 Jul


The Amazing Race Canada season 3 is right around the corner and The Amazing Race Oz is of course there to cover it!

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Gretchen Cordy Interview

2 Jul


Whenever a Borneo contestant appears on this show it’s time to get a little bit excited. With Gretchen Cordy, that remains the case. A long time fan favourite who has been described as a potential winner of the game, she was involved in what is universally considered the first ‘blindside’ in the history of the show and set the standard for future seasons. But just how did the vote out go down? What dirt can she give on several long standing secrets from her season? And just which Pagong member demanded a phone off Mark Burnett to quit the game only days into filming? You’ll have to find out by clicking below!

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Survivor Oz Top 10 – Top 10 Reasons San Juan Del Sur Was Better Than Worlds Apart

1 Jul


The big landmark season 30 is now in the books for Survivor, and Worlds Apart has left a somewhat strange taste in the mouth. Billed by Jeff and others at CBS as one of the best seasons ever, it was an unusual season, with some great moments, a cast with massive potential, and a very popular winner. Yet it was a strangely personal season, and downright uncomfortable to watch at times. Contrast that with San Juan del Sur – a season seemingly unloved by production and downplayed right from the start. The cast was widely panned and the seasons written off by many. However, in retrospect, it was a season that built to a great ending and had solid amounts of strategy throughout. Some of the characters were a bit forgettable, but there were a surprising amount of game players as well. It may be a big call but I’m calling San Juan del Sur as the better season of the two, and here are ten reasons why.

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Survivor – The Amazing Race US Edition

29 Jun


With the Ozcar full results out of the way, Feature Monday’s are back in business. Given the increased frequency of CBS using past contestants from one of their reality shows to beef up the casting lineup of another e.g. Keith and Whitney from Survivor South Pacific competing on The Amazing Race or The Twinies from The Amazing Race competing on Survivor San Juan del Sur, today American Ozlet Anthony Rossi drafts his own season of Survivor featuring Amazing Race teams. Who would Rossi like to see stranded on a deserted island? Read on to find out!

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Ozcars 2015 – Top 25 Greatest Players of All Time

25 Jun

Greatest Player

We conclude our reveals of each of our Ozcar categories as today we bring you who you voted as the top 25 greatest Survivor players of all time! You know the winner, you know the final five, but did your favourite season just miss out on reaching the finals? Read on to find out!

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