Phillip Sheppard Interview


One of the most infamous contestants from recent seasons, Phillip Sheppard was the runner-up in the 22nd season of Redemption Island. Known for being slightly ‘odd’, extremely opinionated as well as claiming to be a ‘former federal agent’, Phillip lost out in the end to Boston Rob, playing in his 4th season.


Phillip didn’t take long to be on the outside with his Ometepe tribe, being referred to as ‘bossy’ as well as ‘crazy’. His claims of being a former federal agent didn’t really go down too well with his tribe but he managed to survive vote after vote and began to form a close alliance with Boston Rob. An alliance that would see him go straight to the end with him and end as the seasons runner-up and the first runner-up to appear on our show.

In our interview with Phillip, he speaks about his alliance with Boston Rob and why he wasn’t simply a puppet to him, the truth about those pink underwear and whether or not people would buy them as well as his future prospects for hosting his own TV show and his alter ego ‘The Specialist’.

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1 Comment on Phillip Sheppard Interview

  1. Hey Phillip I don’t think your crazy I think you played a great game on survivor,and I can’t wate till u go on survivor fans vs FAVORITES good luck!

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