Sandra-Diaz Twine Interview

SandraDiazTwineWebsite The self dubbed ‘queen of Survivor’, Sandra Diaz-Twine created history as the only two time winner of the show after her victory in the 20th season of Heroes vs Villains, adding to her victory in the 7th season of Pearl Islands. While some called her lucky, Sandra stands by both her victories and has no doubt that she is the greatest Survivor of all time.

sandra diaz-twineSandra started out as an underdog in Pearl Islands but soon showed her strength by being the only person able to speak Spanish during her tribes marooning and bartering in the local market. This helped her Drake tribe in receiving numerous useful items that would help them dominate the early part of the game. Adopting a strategy of ‘as long as it’s not me’, Sandra clashed with just about everyone as well as being dubbed the ‘lippiest mother to ever play the game’ before making it all the way and winning her season by 6-1 in the final tribal council.


After declining to appear in All-Stars and being cut at the last minute from Micronesia, Sandra returned to the 20th season of Heroes vs Villains on the villains tribe. Starting out once again on the outs, Sandra bonded early with Courtney and Boston Rob but after Rob was blindsided, Sandra was on the outs and looked likely to be going home. But after being saved by Russell and taken along after once again adopting the ‘as long as it’s not me’ strategy, Sandra found herself in the final 3 and against all odds created history by winning Survivor for the second time.

In our interview we spoke to Sandra about her being the greatest Survivor of all time, whether it was easier to live with Jonny Fairplay or Russell Hantz and what he connection is to our very own country of Australia.

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