Erik Reichenbach Interview


Often labelled as ‘the dumbest Survivor in the history of the game’, Erik Reichenbach made one of the most talked about moves in Survivor history during the 16th season in Micronesia. In giving up his immunity idol one vote away from the final 4, Erik was promptly voted out, much to the cheers of many fans due to his stupidity. But there was a lot more to the move than people ever realised.


Starting off on the fans tribe, Erik lasted long into the game by siding with numerous different players before becoming somewhat of a challenge threat as the game went along. Becoming the only male left in the game in the final 5, Erik looked set to continue his streak and earn himself a spot in the final four before the move that made history took place. A dumbfounded jury watched in awe as James handed Natalie the immunity necklace, and Erik was promptly voted out and sent to the jury with his tail between his legs.

In our interview, Erik discusses the move that made him famous for probably the wrong reasons, the real motives behind it and why it wasn’t necessarily as dumb as it seemed as well as his thoughts on the game since and his plans to come to Australia in the future!

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