Jessica ‘Sugar’ Kiper Interview


As one of the most famous contestants from the show, Jessica ‘Sugar’ Kiper has gone from pinup model, TV actress and celebrity rehab contestant to Survivor star in her own right and left her place on the game by finishing third in the 17th season of Gabon and 20th in the 20th season of Heroes vs Villains.


As somebody constantly sent to exile island in Gabon, Sugar made the most of her time there by relaxing, reflecting on her time with her father as well as eventually finding the hidden immunity idol. After a rivalry with Randy and a memorable moment in getting him to play a fake immunity idol that saw his demise, Sugar found herself in the final tribal council where a bitter jury spoke out about their anger at her backstabbing ways and didn’t give her one vote, making her finish in third place.

Sugar returned for the 20th season of Heroes vs Villains where she would be on the Heroes tribe. After annoying her tribe mates early with constant chatting at night time, she became an early target and would be voted out 9-1 in the first tribal council.

In our interview with Sugar, she speaks about her time on both shows, her acting career including being a video game character and the experience in making it as well as whether or not she would return to play again and her experience with Australia and Australian’s.

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