Joel Klug Interview


Our first ever contestant from the first season of Borneo, Joel Klug was considered one of the favourite’s to take out the first ever $1 million prize but fell just short of making it to the merge and was the 6th voted out from the game. An amazing post Survivor career followed however, making him an instant celebrity literally overnight.


In a game that had nothing to be based on prior to going into it, Joel as well as the 15 other contestants from the first season were in complete new territory as they battled it out to be the first ever Survivor winner. After initially starting out as one of the strongest competitors on the show, Joel’s perceived ‘sexist’ attitude along with his fellow tribe mate Gervase annoyed the women too much and Joel was voted out in 11th place.

In our interview with Joel, we speak to him about the many different aspects that make the first season in Borneo so unique, his celebrity after coming home, why he would kick Boston Rob’s ass if they were to compete against each other and why he could’ve been the first winner had his Pagong tribe gone along with his plan, much like the Tagi tribe did with Richard Hatch.

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