Kelly Wiglesworth Interview


The first ever Survivor runner-up, Kelly Wiglesworth was one vote away from winning $1 million in the first ever season of Survivor in Borneo. After getting so close to creating history, Kelly has since isolated herself in a remote pare of Mexico with her husband, and hasn’t watched the show since her time in Malaysia.


Becoming part of the first alliance in the history of the show with Richard, Sue & Rudy, Kelly helped pick off the Pagong tribe one by one until deciding to opt out of her alliance towards the end of the game. Despite automatically becoming the target of the next vote, Kelly managed to win four individual immunities in a row to secure a spot in the final two, only to be on the end of the one of the most infamous speeches in Survivor history and miss out on becoming the first ever sole Survivor.

In our interview with Kelly she discusses why she applied for the show and why she didn’t even watch her season, why she would go back now if ever asked back compared to initially wanting to put it behind her, what made her move to Mexico to live an isolated life and being a celebrity and getting more attention than a star of The Matrix!

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3 Comments on Kelly Wiglesworth Interview

  1. You predicted Blood vs Water

  2. The interview won’t play for me. I don’t know what’s wrong.

    • Please check our social media pages for upates on this situation. We poted this about it two days ago We’re still getting messages relating to some of our interview links not working. Sadly some of our links are still down due to our server transfer and we’re trying to rectify this issue as fast as we can. We will update you as soon as all links are repaired, in the meantime we ask that you please be patient and we again apologise for the inconvenience

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