Richard Hatch Interview


To many people the greatest Survivor of all time, Richard Hatch was the first ever winner of the show in it’s first season in Borneo. Known for inventing the practice of alliances as well as the practice of backstabbing and deceiving, Richard became a celebrity after his first appearance on the show and even returned for the 8th season of All-Stars before suffering a long period of legal battles and jail time since.


Right from the very start Richard was into gameplay mode in Borneo, and despite being touted as one of the most likely to go home first due to his arrogant attitude and lazy work ethic, Richard soon found himself deep into the game after forming the first alliance in the history of Survivor with Kelly, Sue & Rudy, even going as far to say he would win the $1 million in the very first episode. Through walking around naked and openly discussing his homosexuality, Richard was taken to the final 2 by Kelly and won the vote by a slim margin of 4-3 and becoming the first ever Sole Survivor.

Richard would return for the 8th season of All-Stars where it was clear his attitude towards the game had not changed one bit. In a season where the winners were targeted early, Richard would last the second longest out of all the winners and finish the game in 14th place, despite his strong efforts to try and remain in the game in forming alliances once again.

In our interview with Richard, he speaks about why he is the greatest Survivor of all time and how nobody has played a better game than he ever did, as well as his legal battles post Survivor, his charity work and his real thoughts on Russell Hantz!

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