Gervase Peterson Interview


In the first ever season of Borneo, few people were as popular as Gervase Peterson. Finishing in 7th place, Gervase scored many fans along the way for his humorous attitude, efforts to swim despite not being able to and overall likability. Post Survivor Gervase became an instant celebrity and has appeared on numerous other shows, movies and now owns his very own cigar lounge in New Jersey.


Being on a tribe that initially dominated the game, Gervase soon was on the outs once in the merge as the strong Tagi alliance of Richard, Sue, Kelly & Rudy picked off the Pagong tribe members one by one. Despite talking about a similar alliance on his Tagi tribe, nobody wanted to be apart of it, and Gervase was the second last Pagong member left in the game and became the 3rd jury member.

In our interview with Gervase he discusses his time on the show, eating rats, why he and Joel could’ve created history instead of Richard Hatch, his celebrity after the show and getting recognised to this day 12 years on as well as his acting career and ownership of a cigar lounge!

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4 Comments on Gervase Peterson Interview

  1. He came back!

  2. Excellent and premium cigars

  3. Great post Tom, I like the variety of quality cigars.

  4. Thank you so much, so wonderful to see this response!

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