Jonny Fairplay Interview

JonnyFairplayWebsite One of the most infamous characters in the shows history, Jonny Fairplay competed in the 7th season of Pearl Islands & the 16th season in Micronesia. His ‘grandma lie’ has gone down as one of the most controversial moments in the shows history, and Jonny isn’t afraid to put his opinion forward about pretty much everyone.


On Pearl Islands, Jonny was a player known for being aloof, comical and downright brash with his moves and demeanour. Constantly fighting with his tribe mates, Jonny was always strategically on top of the game and was key to numerous big moves throughout the game. During the family visit, he infamously lied about his grandmother dying to win reward, and he would end up finishing the game in third place, just missing out on the final TC.

In Micronesia, Jonny was received by the fans tribe was jeers and boos, and looked like he hadn’t changed his game plan at all since Pearl Islands. However before he could even get a chance to show his true colours, Jonny asked to be voted out due to missing his wife at the time and new born baby.

In our interview with Jonny, we talk about his fame since the show, his grandmother, his thoughts on pretty much everyone in the history of Survivor and why he is underrated as a strong player in the history of the game.

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