Kathy Sleckman Interview

KathySleckmanWebsite In one of the most memorable seasons in the history of the show, Kathy Sleckman was a brave competitor and somewhat underrated in the 16th season in Micronesia. Despite ultimately quitting the game, Kathy still became a memorable figure, one who isn’t afraid to give her opinion on pretty much everyone to have ever played the game, in amazing fashion.

survmicro_eps71As a massive fan of the show and being on a ‘fans vs. favourites’ season, Kathy was on the outs from the beginning and found herself constantly fighting for survival. Despite her best efforts to try and remain in the game, the overall impact of the situation became too much for her and she quit the game after emotional distress and not being on her meds properly.

In our interview with Kathy, she discusses why she went cold turkey on her medication that she relied on that ultimately lead to her quitting the game, why she nearly chopped off a finger in order to go home, her thoughts on pretty much every single person from her season as well as other seasons as well as a rather personal moment with Jeff Probst!

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