Sonja Christopher Interview


The first ever person voted out in the history of Survivor, Sonja Christopher created history when she was voted out of the 1st season in Borneo. Just like Neil Armstrong was the first person to land on the moon,, Sonja created history on that premier episode. Despite lasting 3 days in a game that nobody knew anything about, Sonja has gone onto a remarkable post Survivor career and is a true Survivor in every sense of the word.


In a game that nobody knew anything about, Sonja fit in perfectly as the older member who came to entertain. A bad performance in the first challenge however would seal her fate, and despite the best efforts to vote out Rudy instead of Sonja, she was the first person voted out.

In our interview with Sonja, she speaks about creating TV history by being voted out first, her memorable and short time on the show, why Richard Hatch included her in the moment that he said was the most memorable of his time in Borneo as well as her celebrity status after the show and her battles with cancer and other conditions that make her a true survivor.

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