The Jeff Probst Shirt Count – One World Episode 1

Survivor S24E01 - Two Tribes One Camp No Rules_0001

One of our 5 questions we put to all our guests on the show is how many different cargo shirts does Jeff Probst go through in each season of Survivor. Well we are hear to answer that very question. Now given Mr.Probst seemingly wears the same colour shirt in pretty much every episode, there really is no way to tell how many 100% different shirts he wears, so we will have to base this on the notion that each shirt he wears is DIFFERENT. We will also have to tally the colours he wears to see which colour Jeff seemingly thinks goes best with his skin tone and eyes. So here is the recap from episode 1 of One World, which has just debuted here in Australia.

Survivor S24E01 - Two Tribes One Camp No Rules_0002

Starting off on the beach introducing the new contestants, Jeff shines in his stunningly bright yet effective sky blue shirt, which it has to be said matches his orange and white hat quite well. Special note too to the necklace which does seem to change every episode and doesn’t really get a lot of love. This is Jeff’s “look at me, I’m your master for the next 39 days” look, and one he pulls off quite well.

SHIRT COUNT: 1 (Sky Blue 1)

Survivor S24E01 - Two Tribes One Camp No Rules_0003

Time for the first immunity challenge of the season, and before Jeff can unveil the new immunity idol it’s time for Jeff to strike his “you guys want to know what you’re playing for” pose, or in this case “you guys ready to get to the immunity challenge” pose. This time it’s his most powerful shirt and clearly his favourite colour, the dark blue with metal hoops on the front style. Matching it this time is his dark hat with a bit of green on the front, and notice the lack of necklace. Jeff must’ve either lost it on the way to the challenge or it really didn’t go with his shoes.

SHIRT COUNT: 2 (Sky Blue 1, Dark Blue 1)

Survivor S24E01 - Two Tribes One Camp No Rules_0004

Jeff’s third and final appearance in the first episode sees the same shirt he wore in the immunity challenge, and his good ol’ faithful dark blue with metal hoops, or as we like to call it his DBMH shirt. Has Jeff changed since the immunity challenge? We are going to say yes, because notice the necklace has returned and the hat has disappeared? The hair also is looking a little fresher, so a nice shower in between protein bars and power shakes definitely is good preparation for grilling his servants in their first visit to TC. So we shall count this as a new shirt, which brings us to the first total tally of this season.

SHIRT COUNT: 3 (Dark Blue 2, Sky Blue 1)

How many shirts will be added to the tally in the next episode? Time will soon tell.

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