The Jeff Probst Shirt Count – One World Episode 2

Survivor S24E02 - Total Dysfunction_0001

Episode 2 starts off with no reward challenge, as Jeff apparently was too busy to show up. So how does he enter the second episode this season? In a lovely green shirt.

Honestly, you would have to admit green isn’t the best choice for Jeff. It doesn’t go too well with his overall appearance and the hat as well seems to take centre stage. Obviously the wardrobe department on each season spend a lot of time working out good colour combinations for the shirt and then the hat. Good to see the necklace back though.

SHIRT COUNT: 4 (Dark Blue 2, Sky Blue 1, Green 1)

Survivor S24E02 - Total Dysfunction_0002

Jeff only makes two appearances in the entire episode! How disappointing for the shirt count! However he brings back classic Jeff with his ol’ favourite dark blue, but it’s not his DBMH shirt as notice the lack of metal hoops? Maybe the hoops didn’t exactly sit with what was on the agenda that night at TC. Who knows. But it does give the dark blue a clear advantage on the colour count this season. Final count after two episodes:

SHIRT COUNT: 5 (Dark Blue 3, Sky Blue 1, Green 1)

So far 5 is the number, we’re seeing an average of around 3 shirts an episode. However he might not change the shirt between some challenges and then councils. So watch this space, more interesting analysis to follow.

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