The Jeff Probst Shirt Count – One World Episode 3

Survivor S24E03 - One World Is Out The Window_0001

Episode 3 sees Jeff at least show up for a reward challenge for once, but is that another shade of blue we see?

We called his light blue number in episode 1 ‘sky blue’, but does this shirt not look a little more like the colour of the sky? Only slightly, honestly it’s a lot closer to a ‘baby blue’ or even a ‘powder blue’. I think we will have to call it a ‘bowder blue’ as a compromise, but all the same it’s a new colour. You can see a hint of a t-shirt underneath, which shows he isn’t too comfortable with the colour and the famous necklace is back, as is the colour matching hat. Jeff is looking concerned in this shot though, or is he just disappointed he has to come back to do a challenge that he was enjoying time off the last time it was on?

 SHIRT COUNT: 6 (Dark Blue 3, Sky Blue 1, Green 1, Bowder Blue 1)

Survivor S24E03 - One World Is Out The Window_0002

Immunity challenge time, and Jeff apparently is doing a bit of hard labour. The black shirt screams ‘lets go sit on a bench and stare at women on the worksite’ and looks a bit too plain. Sure, he is rocking the necklace and the shorts are a bit darker to suit the shirt and once again the hat matches the shirt well, but Jeff is a man of style. He has been around for 24 seasons now, how did he let his wardrobe department let him wear this?

SHIRT COUNT: 7 (Dark Blue 3, Sky Blue 1, Green 1, Bowder Blue 1, Black 1)

Survivor S24E03 - One World Is Out The Window_0003

Jeff is back to three appearances an episode and he also back to the dark blue which we have come so fond of it could almost become a contestant on the show. The only difference is we wouldn’t want to see it leave and given it might have the possibility of getting voted out, we think we’ll stick to seeing it on Jeff. One question though that intrigues us: why does Jeff never wear a hat at TC? Is it because his hair has always been freshly done that he feels the need to show it off? Maybe that’s something one of our readers can tell us. Final shirt count after three episodes:

SHIRT COUNT: 8 (Dark Blue 4, Sky Blue 1, Green 1, Bowder Blue 1, Black 1)

So the 3 shirt average seems about right, and the dark blue is kicking some major ass. Will we see any new colours at all?

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