The Jeff Probst Shirt Count – One World Episode 5

Survivor S24E05 - A Bunch of Idiots_0001

It’s episode 5 and we finally see the return of one of our favourite shirts.

Not since episode 1 have we seen Jeff with the DBMH shirt and it’s great to see it back. His hands on hips stance we know and love is all the more powerful with the two small metallic hoops staring us right in the face. Be honest, you missed them a bit didn’t you? Special mention to the orange hat and rockin’ pants too.

SHIRT COUNT: 12 (Dark Blue 5, Bowder Blue 2, Black 2, Sky Blue 2, Green 1)

Survivor S24E05 - A Bunch of Idiots_0002

How happy does Jeff look in this picture? Absolutely thrilled. Why? Well look at the shirt, it’s green. The first time in a few episodes the green has made an appearance so he has every right to be happy. And check out that necklace. It’s got a bit of orange to it. Shame he isn’t wearing the previously seen orange hat from earlier because then he would be having a fashion statement. One that the remaining castaways would be completely envious of. The shirt also helps even things out when it comes to the second highest colour count of the season so far.

SHIRT COUNT: 13 (Dark Blue 5, Bowder Blue 2, Black 2, Sky Blue 2, Green 2)

Survivor S24E05 - A Bunch of Idiots_0003

Tribal council time and what colour do you think Jeff is wearing? Dark blue of course! There must be some epic pre tribal council meetings between Jeff and the wardrobe department in debating what he is to wear come tribal council time. This is how we see it going down:

Jeff: I want to look banging this evening and make sure these guys know I’m boss!

WD: Well may we recommend black, as this is the colour of power

Jeff: So dark blue then?

WD: No, we actually just recommended to you black.

Jeff: Right so dark blue then?

WD: No? Black! We think you should wear black!

Jeff: Dark blue it is, thanks guys

Jeff obviously loves his dark blue shirt more than life itself. In fact, if Jeff had to choose between his dark blue shirt and his new wife, we would be scared to be in his wife’s shoes when it comes to answering that question. Final shirt count this episode:

SHIRT COUNT: 14 (Dark Blue 6, Bowder Blue 2, Black 2, Sky Blue 2, Green 2)

Green has returned this episode but it once again has been dominated by the dark blue shirt. Will this trend continue next episode? Find out soon!

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