Matt Quinlan Interview


As our first interviewee from One World (in terms of broadcast order), Matt looked set to dominate the game with his strong physical approach but ended up being the first man voted out from the game. As a long standing fan of the show, Matt isn’t afraid to discuss why he thinks the men giving up immunity at the challenge after his boot was stupid, and has gone on to get quite the reception from the ladies since returning home. (LINK/INTERVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS ON THE OUTCOME OF ONE WORLD. IF YOU DON’T WANT TO BE SPOILED, THEN AVOID UNTIL THE FULL SEASON HAS AIRED IN AUSTRALIA!)

mattIn a season where the tribes were split via gender, Matt found his game plan thrown out the window immediately. Coming off as a strong personality and a physical threat, his Manono tribe were threatened by this as well as what some perceived as ‘arrogance’ and he was voted out first as soon as the tribe lost their first challenge. Some people would say he was lucky though, given what happened next in the game with his tribe voluntarily giving up immunity and seemingly losing the plot.

In our interview with Matt, he speaks about his fandom of the show, how the interest for him has been surprising since being on TV, Colton going home early without having the idol as well as everything else about him, Kim winning the game, his dominant personality, why being a lawyer robbed us from an epic final TC speech, the reaction from fans and the ladies since being on Survivor as well as being the first ever guest on our show to ‘respectively decline’ to answer a  question!

Check out what Matt is up to now too by visiting his website and hire his services as a San Francisco Personal Injury Lawyer.

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