Semhar Tadesse Interview


The first person voted out from the 23rd season in the South Pacific, Semhar Tadesse wasn’t that unhappy about being the first to go from the show. In fact if she would’ve rather gone first than stick around for a long time (besides winning of course). An actress in Hollywood who has made appearance in Chris Brown film clips and TV shows such as Lie To Me, Semhar dreams of winning an Oscar and isn’t simply a ‘spoken word artist’ as the show made her out to be.


Being on a tribe with Ozzy in which people perceived her to be ‘lazy’ was always a hard feat to overcome for Semhar. She found herself though getting sympathy and an ally in Ozzy who tried to rally his tribe in voting out Cochran over Semhar. However it wasn’t to be and Semhar soon found herself on Redemption Island, a feat that she found worse than simply going home. Here Semhar would lose her only challenge and become the first person sent home from the South Pacific.

In our interview with Semhar she speaks about why she was glad to be voted out first, the reception she got in LA and from gossip websites such as TMZ, he acting career and dreams for the future, being labelled as a ‘spoken word artist’ as well as her season being labelled as a ‘religious season’ and why she had her own experience with god before the game began.

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