Marty Piombo Interview


As somebody who was known just as well for his hair as he was for his strong gameplay, Marty Piombo dominated the early parts of the 21st season in Nicaragua before the dreaded tribe swap came and threw his plan out the window. Going into a game of Survivor wanting to be remembered, Marty feels honoured to have his name constantly mentioned in future All-Stars circles but still finds it hard to forgive Jane for the things she said during his season.


As the dominant strategist on the Espada tribe who seemed to be behind every moment and key vote, things were going very well for Marty. However as happens in a lot of seasons, the tribe swap came and Marty found himself on the back foot, having to play his idol by giving it to Sash in order to make ties with him before finding himself voted out of the game becoming the second jury member.

In our interview with Marty, he speaks about being a memorable character, why luck is so important in Survivor, who would be on the ‘Mt.Rushmore of Survivor’, Fabio winning and the way he played the game as well as the stupidity of Chase and Fabio together and his relationship (or lack of) with Jane and why he still isn’t happy with her.

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