Joel Anderson Interview

JoelAndersonWebCard As a long standing fan of the show and one of the most physical players that have ever played the game, Joel Anderson didn’t let the disappointment of coming up against past players on the 16th season of Micronesia get to him. After dominating the strategic and social aspects early on in the fans tribe, the tribal switch soon sealed his fate and Joel returned to the fire house with many new fans as well as loads of stories.


Starting off as a strong physical and social threat, Joel managed to control the vote early on and looked likely to be going far on the fans tribe. However after the tribal switch, Joel found himself target number one from Cirie who saw him as the biggest threat, and Joel was voted out of the game.

In our interview with Joel, he speaks about the social vs physical game in Survivor, the pre-interview process with Jeff Probst and why he spoke against having returning players coming back to play against new players, the strategic game of Cirie and the flirtatious strategy of Parvati, why he feels he is a physical match for anyone who has ever played the game and everything to do with Chet (and dragging him along in THAT challenge).

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