Ben ‘Benry’ Henry Interview


On a season where young physically dominant males made it far, Ben Henry or as he was known ‘Benry’ made it far in the 21st season of Nicaragua without ever having a solid alliance. Since his time on the show he has gone on to run a very successful sports bar in LA, and is known as the king of Survivor after parties.

benryThe younger La Flor tribe came together as a fairly tight bunch and Benry found himself constantly in the right place at the right time. Even after the tribal switch he positioned well for the game, and on the night of his blindside it was assumed that the eventual winner Fabio would be voted off that night instead of him. Unfortunately for Benry it wasn’t to be the case, and he was voted out in 7th place and became the 6th jury member.

In our interview with Benry he speaks about always being the swing vote, his personal connection to Australia, why he could’ve easily won the game had Fabio gone that night instead of him, the ‘failure’ of the medallion of power twist, his sports bar in LA, everything related to NaOnka as well as some praise for Marty, thoughts on Fabio not being a ‘deserving winner’, his relationship with former Survivor Silas Gaither as well as South Pacific contestant Semhar and his dislike for Jeff Probst as well as revealing some VERY interesting and revealing behind the scenes moments from the host.

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