Ryan Opray Interview

RyanOprayWebCard From one of the most popular seasons of all time, Ryan Opray was a strong competitor on the 7th season in the Pearl Islands that was severely effected by the infamous outcasts twist. Since being on the show, he has continued to stay active within the Survivor community and isn’t afraid to speak his mind about all things to do with the show that has made him famous.


After starting off on the Morgan tribe and initially being on the end of numerous losses, things soon started to look up for him as the tribe began to win a few immunities and push towards even numbers at the merge. However with the outcasts twist he was soon outnumbered and found himself finishing in 9th place as the first member of the jury.

In our chat with Ryan, he speaks about the dreaded outcast twist and how it cost him a higher place in the game, why he is desperate to return to the game, being an alternate on different seasons and nearly making it on to them, what living with Lil was really like, what really made Osten quit, his personal life including marrying and dating forming cast aways, Christa posing for playboy, the brutal conditions of Panama, the unaired mutiny offer that nobody accepted as well as giving us some great impersonations of everyone from Jeff Probst to Rupert!

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