The Jeff Probst Shirt Count – One World Episode 7

Survivor S24E07 - The Beauty in a Merge_0001

Guess who’s back, back again, Jeff is back, tell a friend…

Well look what is back folks? Just like , Jeff starts us off with a lovely bowder blue shirt. It looks like it’s EXACTLY the same as we saw at the start of the pervious episode, although this time it’s a little fresher with a different hat. The dark blue hat seems to work better than the green hat, although he is still rocking the orange necklace ensemble. It really gives Jeff a sense of “don’t piss me off today Survivor’s, I’m rocking the bowder, deal with me at your own peril. And that hand gesture speaks volumes for the power he has.

SHIRT COUNT: 18 (Dark Blue 7, Bowder Blue 4, Sky Blue 3, Black 2, Green 2)

Survivor S24E07 - The Beauty in a Merge_0002

Next the Jeff Probst power fist is back. We’re going to call it the ‘Probst Punch Power Pose’, or as they call it in some parts of the world the ‘Quad P’. Added to the fact he is holding on to a pole which has the immunity necklace on it, you don’t want to cross Jeff in this challenge. Especially when it comes to ol’ faithful in the dark blue shirt. We seriously wonder how the nights go in Jeff’s lavish Hollywood crib, surrounded by glittering gold Emmy statues, countless torch snuffers and the pride and egos of past Survivor’s in his room with his lovely new wife, all fighting for the affection of Jeff with his precious dark blue shirt. We wonder so much that we heard a rumour that on his wedding day, they had to ensure all dark blue cargo shirts were locked up tightly in the CBS studios with no way of finding a way out to prevent Jeff from saying “I do” to a shirt instead of his wife. True story.

SHIRT COUNT: 19 (Dark Blue 8, Bowder Blue 4, Sky Blue 3, Black 2, Green 2)

Survivor S24E07 - The Beauty in a Merge_0003

Third shirt this episode and look who is back! It’s the DBMH we have all fallen in love with this season! So much so that I think more people will remembering the glimmering shine of the hoops more so than the glimmering shine of Matt’s body (sorry Matt, but you can’t compete with a Jeff Probst shirt accessory, not even Russell Hantz can). And before we wrap up the count for the 7th episode at the half way point, Jeff has something to say. Can’t you tell? In this picture he is clearly saying: “whoa whoa whoa Survivor Oz, let me get to the bottom of this. You want to find out how many shirts I wear in a season? Well I certainly didn’t say that I have an exact number did I? Head on back to camp”. Always lost in translation Jeff’s body language, important to clear it up. As it is important to clear up the half way point tally of One World!

SHIRT COUNT: 20 (Dark Blue 9, Bowder Blue 4, Sky Blue 3, Black 2, Green 2)

It’s really becoming a bit of a walk over isn’t it? The dark blue shirt is becoming the Earl Cole of Survivor One World. Silent, not that loud but dominating enough to score all the votes. Will bowder make a comeback or will the green sneak back from obscurity? Keep watching….

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