The Jeff Probst Shirt Count – One World Episode 8


Survivor S24E08 - Just Annihilate Them_0001


We start off episode 8 with a difficult shirt. Is this bowder or is this sky? Well before we work that out, the dark blue hat goes well with the orange necklace once again. And Jeff standing in front of 7up is like Britney Spears (circa 2000) standing in front of chocolate cake: you know each would be just as tasty but only one will truly wet your appetite. And check out those arms! Mr.Probst we think you have been buffing up and tanning! The Samoa sun certainly is doing you some favours! Is that baby oil we see though? Wowzer,  alluring! But the word has just come in from the shirt judges, and the point has been awarded to sky.

SHIRT COUNT: 21 (Dark Blue 9, Bowder Blue 4, Sky Blue 4, Black 2, Green 2)

Survivor S24E08 - Just Annihilate Them_0002

Well there is no question that the bowder is back in this challenge and back with a vengeance! You can tell by Jeff’s facial expression that he is feeling mighty powerful in the bowder and is rocking it harder than Mick Jagger on smack. Either that or he is just so pissed off at Tarzan not shutting up or the fact that ratings have dropped since Colton left. Actually no, just worked it out. He isn’t happy that he is mixing green with orange on the necklace with his bowder shirt. Not a good day to work for the CBS wardrobe department.

SHIRT COUNT: 22 (Dark Blue 9, Bowder Blue 5, Sky Blue 4, Black 2, Green 2)

Survivor S24E08 - Just Annihilate Them_0003

It turns out this season is becoming very predictable. No not because it looks like a girl will win. But because at the end of every episode we see Jeff powering through in the dark blue. Actually that is a slogan we are going to use from now on and copyright! POWERING THROUGH IN THE DARK BLUE. In fact, we just received the true picture from this shot…

Jeff Probst Funny Blue Shirt Cargo Survivor Powering Through In The Dark Blue

That pretty much sums it up doesn’t it? Oh, except for the final shirt count:

SHIRT COUNT: 23 (Dark Blue 10, Bowder Blue 5, Sky Blue 4, Black 2, Green 2)

6 episodes remain. How many shirts will we get? Find out next time on…………………..SURVIVOR!

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