Jaison Robinson Interview


As a player aligned with the infamous Russell, getting any form of credit for his gameplay in the 19th season of Samoa is somewhat difficult for Jaison. A strong competitor and behind the majority of moves in the season alongside Mr.Hantz, Jaison believes he was only 1 day away from being a millionaire. As somebody who would love to return to the game, Jaison still hasn’t to this day received extra socks and given how many he lost on his time on Survivor, this seems to be the biggest tragedy of them all.


Being on the Foa Foa tribe with Russell, Jaison managed to work with him throughout the entire game until there was no space left for the ‘Foa Foa Four’ to manoeuvre. With Russell getting all the credit for the major moves in the game, Jaison quietly played along with him and help strategize his way deep into the game, before just missing out on the final 4 and going home in 5th place.

In our chat with Jaison, he tells us about still being disappointed that he came so close to winning, Russell getting all the attention from the 19th season in Samoa, why it’s important to defend Natalie’s win and why she is such a great player of the game, wanting to go back and play again, his thoughts on his ‘friend’ of Ben Browning, the Redemption Island twist, why he is still yet to get replacement socks as well as of course: Shambo’s hair!

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  1. How tall is Jaison?

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