Jonas Otsuji Interview


A provider as well as funny and smart, Jonas was well liked by his fellow castaways and had a good chance of going far after some strategic moves posititioned him well, only to be voted out as the first jury member on the 24th season of One World. An accomplished sushi chef, Jonas is also about to embark on an adventure with fellow tribe mate Troyzan  and still seeks out to be called ‘Master Jonas’. (LINK/INTERVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS ON THE OUTCOME OF ONE WORLD. IF YOU DON’T WANT TO BE SPOILED, THEN AVOID UNTIL THE FULL SEASON HAS AIRED IN AUSTRALIA!)


After starting out on the ‘misfits’ alliance, Jonas found himself in a fairly strong position in a group of men that seemed likely to go far after such early dominance. However after the tribe switch and the evacuation of Colton, things weren’t as powerful and after a falling out with Tarzan, he soon became a target. And despite his strong ability to be able to provide for his tribe, he was voted out and became the first jury member.

In our chat with Jonas, he speaks about being blindsided, why making the jury was at least satisfying, being in ponderosa alone, what happened between Alicia & Kat at ponderosa, Troyzan & Jay going against the planned alliance, Kim being one of the greatest players of all time, what the final 3 would’ve been if the men stuck together, the boob factor of One World as well some exciting projects he is involved in with Troyzan!

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