Sherea Lloyd Interview

ShereaLloydWebcard In a season dominated by strong characters, Sherea went about her business and had the potential to make it far only to be labelled as a ‘weak player’ and taken out just before the jury in the 15th season of China. After getting to work with the big power players of Todd, Amanda, James & Courtney, she managed to get herself in tight with the right people and still has a desire to return to this day. She also gave the male Survivor fans a great view (albeit blurred) of Amanda’s boobs. A lot of people thanks her for that.


Starting off on the weaker Zhan Hu tribe, Sherea was hand picked by the dominant Fei Long tribe to join them after a two person tribal switch changed things up. It seemed to work in her favour for a while after getting close initially with eventual winner Todd as well as Courtney. However it wasn’t to be for Sherea as she narrowly missed the merge and jury by being voted out 6th.

In our chat with Sherea, she talks about the disappointment in just missing the jury, who she would’ve voted for had she been sitting on the jury, all things to do with Amanda, James & the idols, the perception of her being lazy and having ‘no strategy’, her love of the show still to this day, wanting to return and play again, why the weather was so bad, what animals became a pest during their time in China as well as the joy of getting recognition for flashing Amanda’s boobs for the entire world to see!

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