Jill Behm Interview


Forming a strong alliance with Marty early on, Jill seemed likely to go far in the 21st season of Nicaragua before once again we saw a tribal switch causing the downfall of a player. A strong player who had been a long time fan and applicant of the show, Jill cherishes every moment she had on Survivor and even has her own special ‘Survivor room’ in her house to show her passion off.


As an original Espada member as part of the ‘older’ tribe, Jill worked closely with Marty in securing a strong position in the game from the outset. Just when it looked as though nothing could go wrong for her, a tribal switch happened and she soon found herself outnumbered on the new La Flor tribe. Despite winning an individual immunity before the tribes had even merged, she was voted out 8th in the game after the younger members wanted to stamp out the position Marty had with a hidden immunity idol and Jill was sent home just before the jury.

In our chat with Jill, we speak about her nickname out in Nicaragua, why her season was a lot more tough than anyone has ever given it credit for, why constantly applying for the show eventually paid off, the luck factor, having Jeff Probst scream at you during challenges, not getting enough credit for her moves alongside Marty, her time on SurvivorSucks, her real life personality vs. the edit, why they weren’t allowed to touch Jeff, NaOnka and her amazing Survivor themed room!

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  1. This interview was great. Jill and Ben have mentioned what I have been thinking about the way Survivor has changed. Jeff always says in interviews they cast the character types because that is what audiences want to see. REALLY, viewers keep declining. I agree with Jill when she said viewers may miss the way survivor use to be when they cast normal people and the show was more about surviving.

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