The Jeff Probst Shirt Count – One World Episode 9

Survivor S24E09 - Go Out With A Bang_0001

Jeff is getting lazy again…

…very lazy. Once again Jeff can’t be bothered showing up for a challenge. Is the resort in Samoa really that good? Or are his shirts getting too dirty that he can’t face the Survivor’s in something else besides his famous shirt? Whatever the reason, we think it’s slack! Which means that we don’t see our favourite host with the most until the immunity challenge, to which time we see him in green. Yes, that’s right, GREEN! And it’s funny, because in the last episode he didn’t show up for a challenge he also followed it up by showing up in a green number in the immunity challenge. Is this coincidence? Is this deliberate? Maybe there is a hidden meaning in the green shirt that we don’t know about. Whatever the case, the green is back, and you can tell by Jeff’s expression, that he is a man who loves his green.

SHIRT COUNT: 24 (Dark Blue 10, Bowder Blue 5, Sky Blue 4, Green 3, Black 2)

Survivor S24E09 - Go Out With A Bang_0002

Tribal council time and what’s over there Jeff? Is that your wardrobe with your shirts? Simply explaining to us why it’s always dark blue you power through with at tribal council? Super glad you are there to point out the obvious. In fact so much so do you love dark blue at tribal council that we could almost go out on a limb and say you won’t wear a single other colour at any other TC for the rest of the season. Big call? Guess it remains to be seen really.

SHIRT COUNT: 25 (Dark Blue 11, Bowder Blue 5, Sky Blue 4, Green 3, Black 2)

With the dark blue nearly double the amount of the nearest competitor, can anything catch up? The tenth episode will of course tell us more!

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