Greg Buis Interview


When it comes to the most in demand Survivor contestants for interviews, none even come close to Greg Buis. 12 years since his appearance on the first season of Borneo, Greg has obtained a cult like status amongst Survivor fans with numerous rumours surrounding his whereabouts in this time. And in this Survivor Oz exclusive, Greg finally opens up about everything from coconut phones, whether or not he and Colleen were ever together and his relationship with Jeff Probst and the entire Survivor production crew.


As a member of the Pagong tribe, Greg was seen as a ‘goofball’ with his various antics entertaining his tribe and make him a popular contestant on and off the show. Surviving to the merge, Greg soon caught the attention of eventual winner Richard, before being voted off as being seen as a threat and becoming the first ever jury member in the history of the show.

In our chat with Greg, he talks about why he has taken 12 years to do an interview about the show, what he has been doing since his time away from the show. his relationship with Colleen, the reception and cult status he has built, whether he and Jeff actually got along, his various antics with the production crew and messing with them, what colour THAT flying fish was, if B.B is still alive or not, eating rats, the reception when he got home, whether he has watched the show since, if he would ever return and everything to do with coconut phones.

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7 Comments on Greg Buis Interview

  1. when did it become acceptable not 2 transcribe interviews?

    • we’re a radio show Nicholas! we broadcast audio!

      • Awesome interview, certainly brought back memories. Thanks very much for this, will definitely listen more of your interviews after being introduced a classic like Greg.
        Best of luck with your show and greetings from Tallinn, Estonia!

  2. Great interview – thanks for doing this! I have a lot of respect for Greg… brilliant guy and iconoclast. A true survivor, but one who refused to play games.

  3. travillionaire // May 15, 2014 at 2:31 am // Reply

    I found this link in a comment on a Greg YouTube clip. Totally made my day!

  4. Jacob Pearson // August 5, 2015 at 7:22 am // Reply

    How come when I click on the link to the interview it leads me to Gervase’s interview and not Greg’s?

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