Jonathan Penner Interview

JonathanPennerWebCard As one of the most popular contestants of all time and one of Jeff Probst’s favourites, Jonathan Penner competed on the 13th season in the Cook Islands and the 16th season in Micronesia. During both seasons he endeared himself to the audience and his cast members, not always for the positive reasons. Outside of the show Jonathan has had an extremely successful career in Hollywood, a career that has seen him be nominated for an Academy Award and star alongside actors such as Cameron Diaz and Dan Akroyd.


In the Cook Islands, Jonathan seemed to be strategically in a strong position until he flipped on his tribe and alongside Candice became the only ever 2 contestants to mutiny against their tribe. It was a move that would see him then flip on his new found tribe and be quickly disliked by them before being voted out of the game.

Returning for the 16th season in Micronesia, Jonathan formed an alliance with Yau-Man, Ami & Eliza and clashed early with Cirie before eventually going home with an injured knee before the jury.

In our chat with Jonathan, he talks about Australians being a big part of the Survivor crew, returning to play again despite the negatives from his first season, being apart of Survivor history, big personalities never winning the game, One World being a predictable season, the temper of Jeff Probst, why he was happy to see Phillip Sheppard being voted against so many times on Redemption Island, his career in Hollywood and being an Oscar nominee as well as addressing rumours in regards to his potential return for season 25 and his extremely unique idea for a tie breaker in the final tribal council.

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