Marcus Lehman Interview


Competing on the 17th season of Gabon, Marcus Lehman proved to be a strong competitor who was well respected by his tribe early on. Despite this, he soon found himself in an interesting position and holds a couple of records despite never making the merge. After the show the reaction to his relationship with Charlie turned some heads, as did a certain part of him that was exposed to the rest of the world, unbeknown to him.


Starting off strongly and earning the vote as ‘most respected’ early on, Marcus positioned himself well with a strong alliance and individual immunities to boot before the dreaded tribal switch threw things up in the air. Eventually it took a blindside to vote him out, and he became the first member of the jury without ever making the merge.

In our interview with Marcus, he talks about being alone in ponderosa, how Tocantins mirrored a lot of what happened in his season, the final 2 vs. a final 3, Sugar & Randy, his relationship with Charlie and the reception both positive and negative, why being on the show is as cool as it actually seems, holding his own unique Survivor records, having his genitals exposed to the entire world and which Survivor winner he has a massive man crush on.

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1 Comment on Marcus Lehman Interview

  1. slutinawhorinskaya // December 4, 2013 at 11:45 am // Reply

    while the alliance of the mean spirited crew of Randy, Corinne, Charlie and Marcus were not my favorite by far, this was an excellent interview.

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