Tina Wesson Interview


The first ever female in the history of the show, Tina Wesson often doesn’t get credit for win in the 2nd season of the Australian Outback as more people talk it up as a mistake made by Colby instead of a good win for Tina. However Tina staunchly defends her game, and has the reasons to prove it. Outside of the game she still gets recognised to this day and it took several years for her even to be able to go back to a normal life. Her return on All-Stars may have been short too, but it still brought about positives.


On the Ogakor tribe despite some early defeats, Tina rallied with her alliance in Keith and Colby and worked strong with them right until the end. Making the big moves in removing players that would’ve become more of a threat in the end, she strategically placed herself with Colby and in the end their relationship was so strong that he took Tina to the final tribal council over the less popular Keith. She would then go on to defeat Colby in a 4-3 vote.

Tina then returned for the 8th season of All-Stars as one of 4 previous winners, all of whom had massive targets on their back from day 1. So much so that she would be voted out first and finish in 18th.

In our interview with Tina, she talks about who she would’ve taken to the final 2 had she won the final immunity challenge, what she has to say to her critics who claim she is an ‘undeserving winner’, the media and the reception of her win, taking so long to go back to a normal life after she won, the three elements to winning the game of Survivor, why she was in control of the game the whole time, thinking the whole time she had never won, her experiences in Australia, why getting voted out of All-Stars first turned out to be a good thing, the differences in playing in season 2 & season 8, her thoughts on another winner from the first 8 seasons, what the first thing Richard Hatch said to her after her win, her admiration for Sandra and dislike of Russell, why Ben is valid to have a crush on Elisabeth as well as the reason behind Colby not doing as well on Heroes vs Villains as he did on her season and of course Kel and the beef jerky.

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