The Jeff Probst Shirt Count – One World Episode 11

Survivor S24E11 - Never Say Die_0001

You’re not introducing a new colour this late into the season are you Jeff?

It’s an intriguing colour, it almost has a bit of white to it doesn’t it? Seems interesting that he would introduce a new colour so late into the season, and looking at it a bit closer it isn’t really that white, more so that lovely lighter blue we have come to know and love as ‘bowder’ blue. So sorry fans of new colours, it’s going towards the bowder count.

SHIRT COUNT: 29 (Dark Blue 13, Bowder Blue 6, Sky Blue 4, Green 3, Black 3)

Survivor S24E11 - Never Say Die_0002

Maybe we should’ve given Jeff the new shirt, because a source of excitement would’ve been great to start off the episode considering how he now comes and disappoints us so much by bringing back the black. Really Jeff, do you not read these? Do you not read the comments? Sure, you filmed this months ago before it airs, but can’t you read this and then somehow get the special effects to edit it out? Not happy Jeff, the black is ruining this episode, so much so we don’t even care who wins immunity. Really, we don’t. Nice necklace though…

SHIRT COUNT: 30 (Dark Blue 13, Bowder Blue 6, Sky Blue 4, Black 4, Green 3)

Survivor S24E11 - Never Say Die_0003

Are we in crazy land this episode? He starts off with nearly a new colour, then brings back the crap black and now he DOESN’T WEAR BLUE AT TRIBAL COUNCIL! What is going on?! It takes till the 11th episode for him to realise that he can wear a different colour at tribal council and amazingly he goes with the green, a shirt that we haven’t seen in a while! Not sure why, the green goes well with Jeff’s skin tone, but it’s just as well because with him wearing black shirts in back to back episodes the black count was creeping up, and we can’t have that black shirt be in any other position except last at the end of the season. And the poor dark blue doesn’t even make an appearance in this episode! The Emmy judges are watching you carefully this season Jeff…

SHIRT COUNT: 31 (Dark Blue 13, Bowder Blue 6, Sky Blue 4, Black 4, Green 4)

3 episodes to go Jeff, it appears as though Dark Blue has the colour count one unless he starts tripling up on other colours. What will happen? Find out next week…

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  1. I Wush I were There on the island

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