Tracy Hughes-Wolf Interview

TracyHughesWolfWebCard As a fan on ‘Fans vs. Favourites’, Tracy Hughes-Wolf was in heaven when she was first picked to play on the 16th season of Micronesia. However she didn’t have everything going her way the whole time and often had to fight for survival at the best of times, and her strong determination was rewarded with Jeff Probst labelling her the ‘most underestimated player of the entire season’. After the show her daughter has gone on to forge a successful music career, and in between smuggling props away from the show and telling us about the ‘sex noises’ she heard during her time out in Micronesia, Tracy brings us one of our most entertaining interviews yet.


Tracy was on the outs early, having to work with Kathy and Chet on the fans tribe, all of whom were seen as the physically weak players of the tribe. However she was able to survive numerous votes until the switch, where conflict emerged with some of the favourites and in all her best attempts to try and remove Ozzy from the game she was unsuccessful and was voted out before the merge.

In our interview with Tracy, she speaks about being labelled by Jeff as the most underrated, the ‘cow analogy’,  the horrible conditions of Exile Island, Chet’s edit and him being sick, who she was most excited to see from the favourites, James & Amanda as well as Mary & Mikey B and those sex noises, Kathy quitting, having your period and being hairy on the show, why things were working against her and how some players were receiving an ‘advantage’, the food factor, her dislike for the redemption island twist, being angry at her edit, her thoughts on some returning players, how she managed to piss Ozzy off more by smuggling props off the show, why getting naked would’ve helped her further, wanting to suck Cirie’s toes, what happened with the shark and Amanda as well as why Jeff Probst was so grumpy during the season.

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