Troy ‘Troyzan’ Robertson Interview


As somebody who has been trying out to get on the show for many years, Troyzan went on to become one of the strongest players in the 24th season and if the cards had fallen into his hands could’ve very much gone all the way. He has received nothing but positive reaction since the show aired and has even found himself compared to the likes of Russell & Richard Hatch. And he also has probably one of the coolest jobs in the world too. (INTERVIEW CONTAINS MINOR ONE WORLD SPOILERS)


Forming bonds early on in the ‘misfit’ alliance, Troyzan proved himself to be extremely capable in all aspects of the game. After the tribal switch came and he was forced to work with the women, he sound found himself betrayed and was fending for himself and attempting to fight to the end. It wasn’t to be however and Troyzan was sent packing to the jury.

In our interview with Troyzan, he talks about the reception he received when he got home, the comparisons to some great players, taking 24 seasons for him to get on and why he was so close to being on another season, forming an early alliance, not having a plan, the chaos that was the start of the game as well as the bitchiness, the women constantly wanting stuff all the time and why he wanted them to dance naked, his thoughts on Tarzan & Colton, giving up immunity, his amazing job as swimsuit photographer and why his final tribal council speech would’ve been epic.

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