Kelly Shinn Interview


Portrayed as just the ‘dumb blonde college girl’, Kelly stands by the fact that there was a whole lot more to her game than we saw on the screens. Given she wasn’t given an individual confessional until episode 7 (a record) and knowing that she would eventually quit the game, it’s a fair statement from somebody who was literally chosen to be on the show simply by shopping at a mall. Since the show she has completed a nursing degree, continues to have a fear of dirty fingernails and might just be forced to move to Australia and live with Ben if this interview goes bad.


Starting off with people referring to her as ‘purple Kelly’, she would go through the game fairly quietly after working closely with the younger alliance and staying out of trouble for the most part. However as the game progressed she would be struck down with illness and she would eventually quit the game alongside NaOnka in one of the most interesting and drama filled tribal councils ever seen on the show.

In our interview with Kelly, she talks about whether or not her friends call her ‘purple Kelly’, going on the show at such a young age and not initially believing the casting director when she was approached, getting used to seeing all the cameras around and being filmed, having fun with the camera crew and playing jokes on them, her reaction to her edit, not having a confessional till episode 7, the reaction to her quitting the game from friends and family, why Fabio deserved to win as well as her nursing degree and potentially moving to Australia because of this interview!

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1 Comment on Kelly Shinn Interview

  1. Austin Frank // December 6, 2015 at 2:50 pm // Reply

    Wow I am actually so surprised by this girl. She REALLY redeemed herself with this interview for me. I feel so bad for how I’ve let my perception of her be so manipulated by production.I kind of love her now. Not only a great personality, but she’s clearly not afraid of calling out CBS and Probst and very refreshing. She was so mistreated and clearly wasn’t denied confessionals because of her bad commentary or personality (like I’d thought), but simply because of a childish group of producers. I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be for her. Glad I listened in and I’m glad I can go on knowing how great she actually is!

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