Ashley Trainer Interview


Another victim of evil Russell, Ashley never got too much of a chance to show what she was capable of in the 19th season in Samoa. In what she describes as the ‘Russell show’, she believes he was a good and bad thing for her season and as somebody who cites Parvati as a favourite Survivor contestant, she never got a chance to really bring out her inner flirt.


Initially working with Russell and eventual winner Natalie, Ashley was unable to form a stronger place in the game to make it far and she found herself constantly a target at every tribal council. It all eventually caught up with her and she was voted out of the game.

In our interview with Ashley, she talks about everything to do with Russell, being close with Marisa, Ben Browning and the trouble he made, who made a hidden immunity idol on the show that was never aired, Shambo and her hair, her being able to win instead of Natalie, Natalie’s win in the scheme of Survivor, why the first tribal council made her so mad, Jeff’s potty mouth, being a superfan of the show and meeting other contestants as well as not being able to use her flirting powers in the show.

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