Kat Edorsson Interview


Bold, brash and memorable, Kat was a likable member of the 24th season of One World. After forming good friendships and alliances with Kim, Chelsea, Sabrina & Alicia, Kat assumed she was safe until her infamous boot saw an emotional Kat leave the game. She is well known for her ‘kitten crawl’ and based on one of her answers in the interview, could very well be after our host. (CONTAINS ONE WORLD SPOILERS)


Kat became an early target after the 2nd challenge in which she kept jumping off by mistake, but was spared by her alliance after Nina was voted out of the game. She soon the became a staple part of the women’s alliance and looked secure till the final 6, before being blindsided in 7th place after famously saying ‘everyone likes blindsides, blindsides are cool’.

In our interview with Kat, she speaks about the feedback she is getting from her time on the show, Colton and how he would’ve gone against Kim had he stayed in the game, the strategy of Kim and how she had her at hello, her reaction to people calling her a ‘follower’, why nobody ever tried to vote Kim out, how she believed she could’ve won the game, learning so much playing the game, her thoughts behind Chelsea getting no votes, her edit being good, the ‘kitten crawl’ as well as asking Ben some questions instead and telling us once and for all if blindsides are still ‘cool’.

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