Twila Tanner Interview

TwilaTanner The runner-up of the 9th season in Vanuatu, Twila Tanner’s entire reputation was based on swearing on her sons name in order to advance herself in the game. This was a large bearing on her edit and often fails in comparison to other ‘lies’ told in other seasons. Despite the sole focus on one aspect of her gameplay, Twila is proud of the fact she made it to the final tribal council, and potentially can say Julie & Sarge owe her $450,000 each.


Competing on a season where for only the second time the tribes were split by gender, Twila initially found it difficult to get along with the ladies but found herself in a good enough position to make it to the merge and then deep into the game. Working with the men along the way, Twila ended up in the final 2 alongside Chris, where in an emotional and heated tribal council she would ultimately lose out and finish in 2nd place.

In our interview with Twila, she speaks about her excitement attending this years Hearts of Reality event in Florida, whether she gets recognised a lot anymore, being asked back twice but why we haven’t seen her on the show since, her reaction of not winning her season and the time it took to get over it, the ‘swearing on her son’ debacle, all things to do with Ami & Eliza, Chris’s gameplay, Jeff Porbst & Julie, her dream alliance with a former contestant as well as why she has been to Jeff Probst’s house!

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  1. Love Twila! She’s great!

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