Chelsea Meissner Interview


As somebody who remained tight and loyal to the winner Kim from the beginning, Chelsea Meissner became a strong threat in the 24th season of One World, not only for her strong alliances but also for her challenge ability as well. Outside of the game she finds all the glamorous photo shoots fun, but doesn’t see her life changing all that much now that she is home.


Forming an alliance with Kim and Sabrina on the first day, Chelsea was always in a strong position in the game. She wasn’t scared to speak out against the men or other people on her tribe and proved to be a valuable asset when it came to challenges. Unfortunately for Chelsea despite making it to the final tribal council she finished in 3rd place, not receiving one jury vote.

In our interview with Chelsea, she talks about not being recognised much now that she is back, the fun of doing magazine shoots, her excitement at attending the Hearts of Reality event, wanting to finish higher than the first booted in the game, being extremely proud of Kim and why she considers her win to be one of the greatest of all time, why the One World cast are all so close, why there was so much conflict in those first few days, what really happened with the men wanting to use the boat and why the girls refused to let it happen as well as everything to do with Colton and being extremely sick when she got back home.

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1 Comment on Chelsea Meissner Interview

  1. Amy Debattista // July 23, 2012 at 4:16 pm // Reply

    Thanks for posting. Her accent is so cool! I love Chelsea, she’s such a wonderful person!! Hope she comes to Australia!

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