Christina Cha Interview


As somebody who started off with a bang, Christina Cha soon faded into the background on the 24th season of One World baring the brunt of many personal attacks along the way. A strong personality in real life who has had a career in TV presenting and journalism, her strategy of being in the ‘background’ nearly paid off, and the attention she has received from the show has lead her to posing for numerous magazines and has the possibility to lead to a shoot for Playboy.


Infamously telling Alicia to ‘shut up’ in the first tribal council, it seemed as though Christina would be a strong personality in the game. However after seeing fellow strong competitor Matt being voted off the Men’s tribe, she decided to take a back seat and be a target for most of the game before ending up finishing in 4th place.

In our interview with Christina, she talks about being so close to that final tribal council, not being considered a ‘threat’, deliberately toning down her gameplay, why she trusted Kim, thinking of her jury speech, the night the guys gave the girls immunity, all things to do with Colton, who trained Tarzan to do what they wanted, the perception of Asian women on Survivor, which former winner she really admires as well as the possibility of her posing for men’s magazines as well as why she wouldn’t want to play against David Beckham in Survivor.

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