Sabrina Thompson Interview


Touted by many as the ‘dark horse’ of One World, Sabrina Thompson came very close to living up to those expectations by finishing in second place to the winner Kim. With only 3 weeks to prepare for the show, Sabrina always thought she had a chance to win and the opportunity came at such a perfect time for her, that she even ended up replacing someone on the show with the same name.

Survivor: One World

Sabrina formed an alliance on day 1 with fellow final tribal council contestants Chelsea & Kim and saw her go along the game generally unchallenged. Despite not being overly strong in challenges, Sabrina remained close with most of the people in the game and a lot of people thought if anyone was to beat Kim it would be her. Ultimately it wasn’t to be, and she would finish in 2nd place.

In our interview with Sabrina, she talks about being a Survivor fan and getting feedback from around the world, having only 3 weeks to prepare, how the power of prayer helped her get on the show, always wanting to come to Australia, Kim being ‘America’s sweetheart’, her thoughts on Chelsea in the final tribal council, the close bond of the One World cast, why losing to Kim was a good thing, Colton being an ‘alien from another world’, her love/hate relationship with Tarzan, who she thought was the most annoying on the island as well as why guys adjusting their genitals annoys her so much and if it was poop!

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