Colton Cumbie Interview


Controversial is a word that is often used to describe Colton. After starting on the outs on his season, he soon became a dominant force who will forever be remembered for ‘controversial’ comments made at tribal council relating to fellow contestant Bill. Whether or not his comments were actually offensive or not seemed irrelevant as the majority of people made their minds up, and the negative words against Colton on his season of One World were always going to be there. In what he says could be ‘his last interview he will ever do’, Colton is apologetic for the words he said that were deemed ‘offensive’, and his vast knowledge of the game that he did so well in certainly is amazing. He also believes his dream alliance on the show would lead to the show ultimately being cancelled…


After seemingly being on the outs from the get go, Colton attempted to work his way on to the girls side as he felt left out from both his tribe and theirs. What occurred however was a remarkable turn around that saw him go from being on the outs to being in control, and he infamously got his entire tribe to give up immunity which would then lead to one of the most controversial tribal councils of all time. Unfortunately for the viewers however his reign of ‘evil’ was not to last, as he was medically evacuated from the game just prior to the merge.

In our interview with Colton, he speaks about why this could be the last interview he ever does, the reception from people in person and online, his amazing knowledge of all seasons past (which of course we test him on), why he was in control from day 1, Leif going into the box, Jay’s strong position in the game, flirting with Bill then disliking him, whether or not he would play again, who he would’ve voted for in the final 3, going up against Kim, the Hearts of Reality event, commenting on things other Survivor’s have said about him, his Survivor themed 10th birthday party, his love of older people on Survivor as well as finding it funny that Russell can’t win as well as which Survivor he would love to align with that could potentially spell the end of the show we know and love.

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