Anthony ‘Papa Bear’ Caruso Interview


A loveable character who seemed to be well liked by his tribe, Anthony Caruso or simply ‘Papa Bear’ was unlucky not to last longer on the 23rd season in the South Pacific. Outwardly gay and proud as punch to be a former NYPD officer, his fake idol making and socialising wasn’t enough to see him go far. He has bold ideas though for an international version of the show and also admits to the tragic events of September 11 and having to so closely deal with them getting him hooked on Survivor in the first place.


Getting along well with people from the start, Papa Bear was perceived as ‘weak’ by most of his tribe and was a target early on. He tried hard to motion people towards Cochran, and even went as far to make a fake hidden idol to make people believe he had one in order to save himself. Ultimately it didn’t work, and he was sent to Redemption Island. Unfortunately he was unable to win there and was sent home.

In our interview with Papa Bear, he talks about being friends with people despite voting them out, warning everyone that Cochran would flip, feeling he would’ve done better on either Redemption Island or One World, his unique way of getting on the show in the first place, who his ‘Papa Bear’ nickname came about, dealing with the terrible events of 9/11 and how they brought him to watching Survivor, wishing he had of been on Coach’s tribe instead of Ozzy’s. attending the Hearts of Reality event, his great idea for an international Survivor, being in a movie, Coach recently getting married as well as a tie in another countries version and how that was solved.

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