Brandon Hantz Interview


As the nephew of one of the most infamous villains in Survivor history, times were always going to be tough for Brandon on the 23rd season of South Pacific. After initially trying to hide the fact he was related to Russell, he couldn’t do so for that long and soon everyone knew. Despite this fact, he still managed to go deep in the game and it was only due to a ‘stupid mistake’ that saw him get voted out of the game. He still feels that losing was the best thing for him, and still sees Coach as a ‘douche’.


After initially keeping his ‘secret’ from his other tribemates by keeping his shirt on not to reveal his Hantz tattoos, it soon became too much for Brandon and he revealed it to his tribe. He also had a habit of telling the truth and speaking his mind about various other aspects of his gameplay, which despite seeing like a bad idea didn’t really come back to haunt him too much. Ultimately it came down to his faith and trust that saw him give up individual immunity to Albert and promptly getting voted out of the game.

In our interview with Brandon, he talks about how much his life has changed after the show, feeling like he was on the show 10 years ago instead of 1, dealing with the pressure of being Russell’s nephew, what advice Russell gave him before going on the show, being a fan of the show ever since he was little, his close connection with Russell now that he has been on the show, how the entire story is never shown,telling the truth to Cochran about his place in the game, why he would love to bring the Hantz clan to Australia, whether or not he would return again as well as what would happen in a ‘Russell/Brandon’ final 2 situation should the 2 ever play together.

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