Cristina Coria Interview

CristinaCoriaWebCard Competing on the Cook Islands season, Cristina Coria never really got much of a chance to show her true worth. Being perceived and portrayed as a leader and ‘bossy’, she certainly never got off on the right foot with some of her tribe. Outside of the game her police work has lead her to some interesting career experiences, including working with Jennifer Lopez.


Starting off on the ‘latino’ tribe, Cristina survived the initial first part of the game before the tribes were absorbed and immediately found herself on the outs. After being outed at tribal council as ‘bossy’, she tried to change her game but it wouldn’t last as she was promptly voted out of the game.

In our interview with Cristina, she talks about not being a fan of the show before she went on, the mental aspect of the show, her thoughts on the racial divide and why she nearly pulled out, all things to do with Ozzy, which way her vote would’ve gone in the final tribal council, the reaction of her game when she got home, why people apologised to her at the reunion, the 2012 Give Kids the World event as well as her experiences in getting shot and how she worked with Jennifer Lopez!

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