Jay Byars Interview


As somebody who certainly caught the attention of the ladies, Jay Byars was a strong physical threat on the 24th season of One World who ultimately let choosing the wrong alliance seal his fate in the game. Since his time on the show he has gone on to form close friendships with all of his castmembers, and is keen to be part of an Australian dating show to find him an Australian wife.


Jay was well liked from the start and despite it appearing as though he sided with the ‘muscle alliance’ he actually sided with Colton and the ‘misfits alliance’ which helped him form close bonds in the early part of the game. After the tribal switch, new bonds were formed with Kim and the women, and it was his trusting in them that would ultimately see him blindsided and voted out of the game.

In our interview with Jay, he talks about his fondness of Australia, trying to hide after being on the show, his fandom of The Amazing Race, his plan on laying low at the start, why Colton was the perfect person for him to work with and how far he thinks Colton would’ve gone, his reaction to the things Kim was saying behind his back, his thoughts on the top 3 had it been all guys, Hearts of Reality as well as Tarzan always thinking giving up immunity was a ‘good idea’ as well as why he wants to come to Australia and marry an Australian woman!

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